Alcohol Based Sanitisers

For intensive cleaning on the go see our full range of alcohol based hand sanitisers. From Purell Hand Rub, Sterillium Gels to our Scented Hand Gels and Bioguard Surgical Gels.
  1. Relisan Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Relisan Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
    • Alcohol based hand sanitiser that works fast and is kind to skin
    • Provides thorough and rapid disinfection of hand
    • As Low As £3.95 per Pump
  2. Sterillium Hand Liquid Sterillium Hand Liquid
    • Propanol based liquid hand disinfector with skin conditioners
    • Effective against a range of bacteria & organisms in 30 seconds
    • As Low As £6.60 per Bottle
  3. Purell TFX Dispenser
    Purell TFX Dispenser
    • Wall mounted, touch free dispenser minimises cross infection
    • Checks battery regularly - An LED indicates when battery is low
    • As Low As £17.30 per Dispenser
  4. Purell Advanced Hand Rub Purell Advanced Hand Rub
    • Best selling hand disinfectant kills 99.99% of most common germs
    • Evaporates quickly & leaves no residue with inbuilt moisturisers
    • As Low As £1.35 per Bottle
  5. Purell VF481 Antiviral Formula Gel Purell VF481 Antiviral Formula Gel
    • For use in areas at risk of outbreaks for high level prevention
    • High efficacy, in a silky smooth, skin friendly formulation
    • As Low As £1.80 per bottle

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