First Aid and Medical Consumables

  1. Disposable Razors Disposable Razors
    • For shaving the skin prior to tattooing, simple to use with single edged design
    • Made from sharp and strong stainless steel
    • As Low As £9.65 Per Pack
  2. Tongue Depressors Tongue Depressors
    • Perfect for removing petroleum jelly from the pot
    • Smooth wood with rounded tips ensure you won’t get a splinter
    • Only £1.60 Per Box
  3. Microporous Tape Microporous Tape
    • Ideal for securing cling film to cover the tattoo
    • Easily to apply and easily torn, conforms easily to awkward areas
    • As Low As £8.45 Per Pack
  4. Cotton Wool Roll Cotton Wool Roll
    • Cotton Wool Roll is ideal for applying creams and lotions
    • Available in 90mm wide rolls in sterile and non-sterile rolls
  5. Cotton Wool Balls Cotton Wool Balls
    • Supplied in bags of 100 balls for added value
    • Quick and easy solution for makeup removal in busy salon environments
  6. Clear Plastic Drinking Cups
    Clear Plastic Drinking Cups
    • Ideal for serving patients or visitors with cold drinks
    • Not suitable for vending machines

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