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Safety Signs, Labels & Posters

  1. COVID Secure Workplace Signs
    COVID Secure Workplace Signs
    • Signs to maintain a COVID-Secure workplace
    • Help ensure the highest levels of workplace hygiene are maintained
    • As Low As £0.35 per sign
  2. Infection Control Posters & Signs
    Infection Control Posters & Signs
    • Provide sufficient direction & awareness of hygiene protocol
    • Washing hands regularly is critical to limit the spread of the virus
    • As Low As £0.35 per sign
  3. GDPR Compliant Accident Books
    GDPR Compliant Accident Books
    • Updated in May 2018 to reflect the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Features revised text, guidance and additional controls to demonstrate data protection
    • As Low As £1.65 per book
  4. Health & Safety Law Poster
    Health & Safety Law Poster
    • The latest version of the H&S Law Poster - Is Yours up to date?
    • Inform employees of their health & safety obligations and rights
    • As Low As £8.75 per Poster
  5. GDPR Compliance Posters, Handouts & Stickers
    GDPR Compliance Posters, Handouts & Stickers
    • GDPR Enforcement – Do Your Employees Know What To Do?
    • Improve Compliance in your workplace by using frequent reminders of new practices
    • As Low As £5.95 Per Bundle
  6. GDPR Compliant Near Miss Record Book
    GDPR Compliant Near Miss Record Book
    • An effective system for reporting, recording and investigating near misses
    • Important to help workplaces eliminate any avoidable risks to health and safety
    • As Low As £1.65 per Book
  7. GDPR Compliant Visitor Book
    GDPR Compliant Visitor Book
    • Demonstrate your commitment and awareness to data protection
    • GDPR compliant, suitable for use in any building or workplace setting
    • As Low As £17.25 per Book
  8. HSE First Aid Wallcharts
    HSE First Aid Wallcharts
    • Essential guidance on first aid
    • Fulled updated with the latest advice on artificial breathing and CPR
    • As Low As £11.45 per wallchart
  9. Aluminium Snap Frames
    Aluminium Snap Frames
    • For a professional finish
    • Help to protect posters from all kinds of damage
    • As Low As £8.95 Per Frame
  10. GDPR Controlled Drug Book
    GDPR Controlled Drug Book
    • Complies fully with the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
    • Greyed sections may contain GDPR sensitive data
    • As Low As £18.25 per book
  11. Controlled Drug Recording Book
    Controlled Drug Recording Book
    • Drug book complies fully with the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
    • You must keep a recording book where controlled drugs are stored
    • As Low As £19.25 per book
  12. Mandatory PPE Signs
    Mandatory PPE Signs
    • Ensue that all staff wear appropriate PPE at all times
    • Help to reduce injuries and reduce the spread of infection
    • As Low As £0.70 per sign
  13. First Aid Signs
    First Aid Signs
    • Wide range of first aid signs to help locate first aid equipment quickly and efficiently
    • Available in rigid plastic and self adhesive vinyl
    • As Low As £0.70 per sign
  14. Lanyards
    • 15mm polyester lanyards with printed white text
    • Features a safety breakaway feature to prevent injury
    • As Low As £5.95 per landyard

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