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First Aid Kits & Consumables

  1. First Aid Kits
    First Aid Kits
    • Kits to ensure compliance with the new BS8599-1 British Standard
    • Available in a range of sizes for various applications & premises
    • As Low As £2.65 Per Case
  2. Plasters
    • Sterile plasters are ideal for replenishing FA Kits & provisions
    • Available in Fabric, Washproof and Blue Detectable varieties
    • As Low As £3.60 Per Box
  3. Eyewash
    • Sterile saline solution relieves eyes from irritation and discomfort
    • Choose from standard pods and bottles or premium Double iWash
    • As Low As £2.70 Per Box
  4. Hot & Cold Therapy
    Hot & Cold Therapy
    • Simple squeeze-and-shake application treats soft tissue injuries
    • Packs cool in seconds to provide the user with instant cold therapy
    • As Low As £0.95 Per Pack
  5. Bandages
    • A selection of bandages to provide support and secure dressings
    • Choose from many sizes of Cohesive, Crepe and Triangular Bandages
    • As Low As £0.85 Per Bandage
  6. Dressings
    • A full range of dressings for general first aid applications
    • Sterile wrapped dressings, ideal for replenishing First Aid Kits
    • As Low As £0.70 Per Dressing
  7. Wound Cleansing and Protection
    Wound Cleansing and Protection
    • We stock a range of products to irrigate and seal various wounds
    • Solutions to help maintain good infection control procedures
    • As Low As £6.90 Per Bottle
  8. First Aid and Medical Consumables
    First Aid and Medical Consumables
    • Essential items that every first aid or medical room needs
    • Includes cups, bowls, kidney dishes, tongue depressors and more
    • As Low As £1.80 Per Pack
  9. Burns Treatments
    Burns Treatments
    • Provide rapid cooling relief from all types of burn/scald injury
    • Easy to apply formats for rapid treatment when it matters most
    • As Low As £2.55 Per Dressing
  10. Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared JXB-182 Thermometer
    Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared JXB-182 Thermometer
    • Non-Contact thermometers allow quick temperature measurements
    • Essential to maintain your workplace hygiene protocols
    • As Low As £32.95 Each
  11. Wipes
    • Essential for sanitising, cleaning, disinfecting and patient cleansing
    • Using a wipe can save you money compared to the cost of multiple cleaning supplies
    • As Low As £1.00 Per Pack

A wide range of first aid essentials including plasters, bandages, hot and cold therapy products and more. Find anything you might need to treat injuries and first aid emergencies.

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