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Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves are commonly used for performing quality inspections, such as valeting and light handling applications. Cotton gloves oppose abrasions whilst enhancing grip. They are often made from a blend of polyester and cotton.

  1. Children's Eczema Gloves
    Children's Eczema Gloves
    • Ideal for relieving itching and discomfort for children suffering with eczema
    • Can be washed at 60 degrees celsius for repeated use
    • As Low As £2.95 per Pair
  2. Polyco Dermatology Cotton Gloves
    Polyco Dermatology Cotton Gloves
    • Specifically designed for those who experience skin irritation
    • Unbleached cotton glove with a knit wrist for superior comfort and fit
    • As Low As £0.85 per Pair
  3. Cotton Gloves
    Cotton Gloves
    • Close knit gloves ideal for glove lining, inspection & handling
    • Available in mens and ladies sizes, open cuff & fourchette finger design
    • As Low As £0.50 per Pair
  4. Polyco Serva Cotton Gloves
    Polyco Serva Cotton Gloves
    • Lightweight gloves made of natural fibres
    • Offer a high degree of dexterity and sensitivity
    • As Low As £0.35 per Pair
  5. Adult Eczema Gloves
    Adult Eczema Gloves
    • Made from health-friendly bamboo, perfect for those affected by eczema
    • Extra long cuffs to cover and protect wrists
    • As Low As £3.65 per Pair
  6. SuperTouch Polyester Inspection Gloves
    SuperTouch Polyester Inspection Gloves
    • Close knit polyester with a snug fit for durability & comfort
    • Gloves feature a white, plain finger design and raised back seams
    • As Low As £1.10 per Pair
  7. SuperTouch Terry Cotton Gloves
    SuperTouch Terry Cotton Gloves
    • Terry Cotton material offers protection against dry heat sources
    • Ideal for fabric, utensil, glass and metal handling applications
    • As Low As £4.25 per Pair
  8. Polyco Thermit Thermal Knitted Liner Gloves
    Polyco Thermit Thermal Knitted Liner Gloves
    • Simple yet effective thermal gloves provide insulation in cold conditions
    • Can be used as insulating liner under other gloves
    • As Low as £2.45 per Pair
  9. UCI Knitted Cotton Stockinette Gloves
    UCI Knitted Cotton Stockinette Gloves
    • Lightweight stockinette gloves for lining gloves or handling delicate items
    • Provide an economical, lighter protection at an exceptional price!
    • As Low As £0.30 per pair
  10. Polyco Nylon Knitted Heat Resistant Gloves
    Polyco Nylon Knitted Heat Resistant Gloves
    • Tough, seamless 7 gauge Nylon glove for hardworking applications
    • Cut level 2 and safe for contact heat of up to 100C
    • As Low As £2.40 per Pair
  11. UCI Cotton Drill Gloves
    UCI Cotton Drill Gloves
    • General purpose cotton drill gloves for manual handling tasks
    • Choose from 8oz or 12oz weights for heavier or lighter tasks
    • As Low As £0.85 per Pair
  12. SuperTouch Stockinet Fingerless Gloves
    SuperTouch Stockinet Fingerless Gloves
    • A simple yet practical glove liner with knitted wrist
    • Doesn't reduce your dexterity but enhances your protection and comfort
    • As Low As £0.65 per Pair

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