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Gloves By Type

Make it easy to find the gloves perfect for what you are looking for using our handy categories below. Just choose the type of glove and see what we recommend for you.

  1. Powder Free Disposable Gloves
    Powder Free Disposable Gloves
    • 100% powder free construction to reduce contamination
    • Perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies
    • As Low as £2.00 per 100
  2. Powdered Disposable Gloves
    Powdered Disposable Gloves
    • Coated with a very fine cornstarch powder
    • Gloves are easy to put on, take off and comfier to wear
    • As Low As £8.95 per Pair
  3. Disposable Chemical Resistant Gloves
    Disposable Chemical Resistant Gloves
    • A range of gloves suitable for protecting against a variety of chemicals
    • Made from nitrile synthetic rubber, perfect for general cleaning
    • As Low as £9.75 per Pair
  4. Reusable Chemical Resistant Gloves
    Reusable Chemical Resistant Gloves
    • A range of gloves suitable for protecting against a variety of chemicals
    • Includes robust gauntlets suitable for industrial chemicals
    • As Low As £1.10 per pair
  5. Gloves By Colour
    Gloves By Colour
    • Choose your disposable gloves by their colour
    • Ideal for healthcare environments for colour coding
    • As Low As £1.10 per Pair
  6. Food Approved Gloves
    Food Approved Gloves
    • Selection of gloves certified as food safe under EN1186
    • Ideal for keeping you clean and protecting food from contamination
    • As Low As £0.90 Per 100
  7. Latex Free Disposable Gloves
    Latex Free Disposable Gloves
    • Suitable for use by those with latex allergies or sensitive skin
    • Increasingly popular in all environments, especially healthcare
    • As Low as £2.00 per 100
  8. Chlorinated Low Allergy Latex Gloves
    Chlorinated Low Allergy Latex Gloves
    • Chlorinated gloves have had the amount of latex proteins in them dramatically reduced
    • Less likely to cause skin irritation caused by allergies to latex
    • As Low As £13.65 per 100
  9. Extra Small Gloves
    Extra Small Gloves
    • Gloves available in extra small sizes, ideal for children or teenagers
    • Keep hands clean and protected when cooking, cleaning or painting
    • As Low As £2.45 per 100
  10. Extra Large Gloves
    Extra Large Gloves
    • Extra large gloves suitable for the biggest of hands
    • Find extra large gloves in a wide range of types and materials
    • As Low As £2.65 Per 100
  11. Long Cuff Gloves
    Long Cuff Gloves
    • Longer cuff provides added protection during messy or high risk tasks
    • Choose form a variety of materials and types to suit your need
    • As Low As £1.10 per pair
  12. Biodegradable Gloves
    Biodegradable Gloves
    • Improve your carbon footprint by choosing biodegradable gloves
    • No loss of performance in comparison to their regular alternatives
    • As Low as £2.95 per Pair
  13. Anti-Static Gloves
    Anti-Static Gloves
    • Protect both the wearer and the product by discharging electrostatic build-up
    • Certified as Antistatic according to EN1149
    • As Low As £0.45 per Pair
  14. Glove Liners
    Glove Liners
    • Keep hands protected against hazards and spot tears in disposable gloves
    • Ideal under work gloves for warmth and comfort
    • As Low As £0.30 per Pair
  15. Non Medical Disposable Gloves
    Non Medical Disposable Gloves
    • AQL 4.0 disposable gloves ideal for general non medical purposes
    • Powdered or powder free varieties available
    • As Low as £14.20 per 100
  16. Needlestick Protection
    Needlestick Protection
    • Robust protection against needles and other sharps
    • Essential for refuse and sheet metal handling
    • As Low As £19.90 per Pair
  17. Premium Disposable Gloves
    Premium Disposable Gloves
    • Your Hands Deserve The Best Possible Hand Protection
    • Thicker gloves for added protection during high risk tasks
    • As Low As £14.20 per pack
  18. Mini Glove Packs
    Mini Glove Packs
    • Gloves in smaller pack sizes, ideal for issuing to staff
    • Can be easily added to bags, first aid provisions and other kits
    • As Low As £ per pack
  19. Waterproof / Oil Work Gloves
    Waterproof / Oil Work Gloves
    • Gloves that provide unquestionable grip in wet and oily conditions
    • Snug fitting gloves that are extremely versatile and also stretchy
    • As Low as £2.00 per Pair
  20. Heat Resistant Gloves
    Heat Resistant Gloves
    • For protection when handling or being exposed to dry heat sources
    • Ideal for utensil handling, kitchen use & general maintenance
    • As Low as £1.50 per Pair
  21. Cut Resistant Gloves
    Cut Resistant Gloves
    • Cut Resistant Gloves constructed from various material types
    • Includes gloves with Cut Level 5, providing optimum protection
    • As Low As £3.15 per Pair
  22. Fingerless Gloves
    Fingerless Gloves
    • Protect your hands whilst leaving your fingertips free for high dexterity
    • Ideal for a number of delicate and precise manual tasks
    • As Low As £0.65 per Pair
  23. Gardening Gloves
    Gardening Gloves
    • Range of specifically sourced gardening gloves offer great dexterity
    • Ideal for professional and home garden use
    • As Low As £0.85 per Pair
  24. Mixed Fibre Gloves
    Mixed Fibre Gloves
    • For use as glove liners, handling delicate items or assembly work
    • Give extra protection during a wide variety of light manual tasks
    • As Low As £0.50 per Pair
  25. Gripper Gloves
    Gripper Gloves
    • A range of coated gloves to provide additional grip & protection
    • Ideal for various general purpose manual handling applications
    • As Low As £0.65 per Pair
  26. Assembly Line Gloves
    Assembly Line Gloves
    • Protect hands & items without dexterity loss during precise tasks
    • Perfect for inspection tasks, light handling or as a glove lining
    • As Low As £0.30 per Pair
  27. Cold Work Gloves
    Cold Work Gloves
    • Specialist gloves supply protection & grip for cold handling
    • Includes fleece lining for additional warmth during cold weather
    • As Low As £2.15 per Pair
  28. Specialist Gloves
    Specialist Gloves
    • Range of specialist gloves tailored to meet specific requirements
    • Choose from ranges for specialist professions & applications
    • As Low as £0.45 per Pair
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