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  1. Agriculture
    • High quality essentials for those working in agriculture
    • Gloves, PPE and more to ensure safety and comfort
  2. Assembly Line & Delicate Assembly
    Assembly Line & Delicate Assembly
    • Ensure items are left clean and undamed without fingerprint or imperfections
    • Includes cotton gloves, inspection gloves, coveralls and more
  3. Beauty, Hair & Cosmetic
    Beauty, Hair & Cosmetic
    • Essential items for any spa, salon, beautician or hairdresser
    • Including gloves, paper disposables, aprons and more
  4. Beekeeping Gloves
    Beekeeping Gloves
    • Help to keep hands protected from bee stings
    • Tough construction, yet allow great dexterity
  5. Building & Construction
    Building & Construction
    • Hard wearing supplies for any building or construction team
    • Including work gloves and PPE to protect your workforce
  6. Care Homes
    Care Homes
    • Essential items needed to provide high levels of care
    • Including gloves, disposable clothing and other hygiene control products
  7. Catering & Food Preparation
    Catering & Food Preparation
    • Food safe gloves and other disposable clothing to protect against contamination
    • Great products to produce great food
  8. Cleaning & Janitorial
    Cleaning & Janitorial
    • Protect yourself from harsh cleaning chemicals
    • We supply a number of basic & premium gloves that are perfect for cleaning
  9. Dentists
    • Gloves to ensure maximum client and dentist comfort
    • Including dental gloves, face masks, aprons and more
  10. Education
    • Bestsellers that are perfect for your school
    • Includes gloves, first aid products and hot & cold therapy
  11. Mechanics & Vehicle Repair
    Mechanics & Vehicle Repair
    • Hardwearing and durable work and disposable gloves
    • Great for increased safety when dealing with heavy machinery
  12. Medical & Healthcare
    Medical & Healthcare
    • Essential consumables for the medical and healthcare industries
    • Includes gloves, waste sacks, disposable clothing, wipes, cleaning and more
  13. Nurseries & Childcare
    Nurseries & Childcare
    • Essential supplies for any childcare environment as bought by our customers
    • Includes gloves, paper disposables and ice packs
  14. Pharmaceutical & Laboratory
    Pharmaceutical & Laboratory
    • Products to help to avoid cross contamination & irritation
    • Includes gloves, clothing and PPE suitable for lab work
  15. Printing Industry
    Printing Industry
    • Essentials for printers and those in the print industry
    • Help to prevent inks and grease getting onto hands and clothing
  16. Refuse & Waste Collection
    Refuse & Waste Collection
    • Products suitable for use when working with waste & refuse
    • Includes gripper gloves, wipes and hand sanitising
  17. Tattoo & Piercing
    Tattoo & Piercing
    • High quality gloves suitable for tattooists and body piercers
    • Including gloves, pre injection wipes, face masks, couch rolls and razors
  18. Valeting
    • Ideal for inspecting delicate items or providing a valet service
    • Ensure items are left clean, with no dirty marks or fingerprints
  19. Warehouse & Manual Handling
    Warehouse & Manual Handling
    • Large range of gloves that help you safely 'carry' out tasks
    • Includes gripper gloves, cut resistant gloves, PPE and more

Here at Just Gloves, we know selecting the correct pair of gloves for the job can be challenging, which is why we have tried to make it as easy as possible to find your perfect glove. Simply choose the type of work you’re planning to find the gloves and associated consumables that we recommend for the job. If you need further assistance, please call us on 0808 1699 117 and we will be happy to help.

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