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Hygiene & Infection Control

A wide range of infection control products to prevent the spread of infection. Protect your workforce with disposable clothing and disposable face masks. We also offer hand gels, wipes and disinfectants, ideal for ensuring thorough disinfection.

  1. Hand Hygiene
    Hand Hygiene
    • A range of handwashes, sanitisers, wipes and dispensers
    • Keeping hands clean and sanitised will help prevent the spread of viruses
    • As Low As £0.95 each
  2. Best Selling Infection Control Products
    Best Selling Infection Control Products
    • Our best selling hand sanitisers, wipes, disposable gloves & protective clothing
    • Help reduce the risk of infection & cross contamination
    • As Low As £0.95 each
  3. Face Masks & Coverings
    Face Masks & Coverings
    • Non woven disposable face masks and coverings
    • Available in different pack sizes
    • As Low As £0.60 per pack
  4. Polythene Aprons & Dispensers
    Polythene Aprons & Dispensers
    • Provide added protection in healthcare or food environments
    • Keep both staff and patients protected from cross contamination
    • As Low As £3.60 each
  5. Wipes
    • Essential for sanitising, cleaning, disinfecting and patient cleansing
    • Using a wipe can save you money compared to the cost of multiple cleaning supplies
    • As Low As £0.85 per Pack
  6. Roche Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests
    Roche Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests
    • A five step, Point of Care testing solution for SARS-CoV-2
    • For Healthcare Professionals - clear result after 15 minutes
    • As Low As £234.95 per 25 Tests
  7. Social Distancing Floor Marking
    Social Distancing Floor Marking
    • Use to highlight social distancing requirements
    • Available in a variety of colours and styles
    • As Low As £6.95 each
  8. Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared JXB-182 Thermometer
    Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared JXB-182 Thermometer
    • Non-Contact thermometers allow quick temperature measurements
    • Essential to maintain hygiene protocols
    • As Low As £29.95 Each
  9. YT-1 Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer
    YT-1 Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer
    • Infrared forehead thermometers minimise contact between users for safer readings
    • User-friendly design with large, backlit LCD display
    • Only £49.95 Each
  10. Surface And Room Sanitising
    Surface And Room Sanitising
    • Keep your workplace or home Covid secure
    • Our range includes sprays, wipes, fogging systems and more
    • As Low As £1.50 each
  11. Disposable Gloves
    Disposable Gloves
    • Extensive range of disposable gloves in Nitrile, Latex & Vinyl
    • Available in X-Small to X-Large, & specialist materials such as Neoprene
    • As Low As £0.30 per Pack
  12. Reusable Gloves
    Reusable Gloves
    • Durable and dexterous multi-purpose gloves
    • Gauntlet design ensures extra protection for the user
    • As Low As £1.10 each
  13. Infection Control Posters & Signs
    Infection Control Posters & Signs
    • Provide sufficient direction & awareness of hygiene protocol
    • Washing hands regularly is critical to limit the spread of the virus
    • As Low As £0.60 per sign
  14. High Visibility Clothing
    High Visibility Clothing
    • Remain visible and safe while working with our hi-vis clothing
    • Choose from a variety of styles to suit your place of work
    • As Low As £1.15 each
  15. COVID Secure Workplace Signs
    COVID Secure Workplace Signs
    • Signs to maintain a Covid secure workplace
    • Help ensure the highest levels of workplace hygiene are maintained
    • As Low As £0.60 per sign
  16. Social Distancing Essentials
    Social Distancing Essentials
    • Ensure appropriate levels of social distancing are maintained at all times
    • Protect staff, customers and visitors from further spread of Coronavirus
    • As Low As £0.60 each
  17. Door Hygiene
    Door Hygiene
    • Covers and push pads self-disinfect to minimise the spread of viruses
    • Demonstrate a commitment to hygiene on your premises
    • As Low As £23.95 per Pack
  18. Hygiene Screens
    Hygiene Screens
    • A range of hygiene screens available as either desktop or floorstanding variants
    • Clear protective screens protect staff and visitors
    • As Low As £70.00 each
  19. Hygiene Special Promotions
    Hygiene Special Promotions
    • All our great hygiene offers and bundles in one single page
    • Ensure that your working environment is always clean and safe
    • As Low As £1.65 each
  20. Protective Clothing
    Protective Clothing
    • Ensures good hygiene & limits cross contamination at a low cost
    • Choose from aprons, overshoes, oversleeves, briefs and face masks
    • As Low As £0.30 each
  21. COVID-Secure Matting
    COVID-Secure Matting
    • Floor mats ideal for any public building including hospitals, supermarkets and offices
    • Encourage effective social distancing
    • As Low As £15.95 each
  22. Paper Disposables
    Paper Disposables
    • Choose from our extensive range of paper disposables
    • Includes towels, rolls and dispensers ideal for work or at home
    • As Low As £0.65 per Pack
  23. Temperature Check Stations
    Temperature Check Stations
    • Comprehensive and all in one products to help ensure your premises remain COVID-Secure
    • Encourages temperature checks and good hand hygiene
    • As Low As £19.95 each
  24. Home and Workplace Infection Control Kit
    Home and Workplace Infection Control Kit
    • Infection control essentials to help maintain a hygienic environment
    • Required to help maintain a COVID-Secure environment
    • Only £44.95 Each
  25. COVID-Secure Barriers & Pedestrian Control
    COVID-Secure Barriers & Pedestrian Control
    • Pedestrian control measures can ensure effective social distancing is practicsed
    • Choose from a range of signs, barriers, cones and tapes
    • As Low As £6.95 each
  26. Hand Sanitising Point Shelter
    Hand Sanitising Point Shelter
    • Shelter for sanitising hands before entering a premises
    • Light and airy four-sided shelter provides a hand sanitising point
    • As Low As £1.61 each
  27. Bins and Waste Control
    Bins and Waste Control
    • Medical bins, waste sacks, biohazard control and general waste management
    • Ensuring hygiene standards are maintained at all times
    • As Low As £0.40 each
  28. Personal Care
    Personal Care
    • Soothe dry, cracked skin and protect sensitive skin
    • Essential during extended or prolonged glove use to reduce sweat
    • As Low As £4.05 each
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Best Selling Products

Best Selling Products

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