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Protective Clothing

  1. Face Masks & Coverings
    Face Masks & Coverings
    • Non-woven disposable face masks and coverings
    • Available in different pack sizes
    • Masks are mandatory in shops and on public transport
    • As Low As £0.79 per pack
  2. Polythene Aprons & Dispensers
    Polythene Aprons & Dispensers
    • Provide added protection in healthcare or food environments
    • Keep both staff and patients protected from cross contamination
    • As Low As £3.80 each
  3. Hygiene Face Shield - Pack of 3
    Hygiene Face Shield - Pack of 3
    • Protective visor shield - visors keep you protected
    • Frequent wiping with sanitising products will kill bugs and germs
    • Only £17.55 per pack of 3
  4. Dunlop Advanced Vision Protective Face Visors
    Dunlop Advanced Vision Protective Face Visors
    • Protective face visor shield supplied in a pack of 3
    • Face shields can be worn alone or alongside face masks
    • Only £18.65 per pack of 3
  5. Disposable Blue Mob Caps
    Disposable Blue Mob Caps
    • Disposable mob caps, made from non-woven polypropylene
    • Supplied as 100 one-size-fits-all blue mob caps
    • Only £4.80 per pack of 100
  6. Disposable 16
    Disposable 16" Blue Overshoes
    • Disposable overshoes protect both footwear and floors in low risk applications
    • Supplied as 100 ambidextrous overshoes
    • Only £3.10 per pack of 100
  7. Overshoes
    • Blue disposable overshoes are ideal for protecting floor surfaces
    • Elasticated ankle ensures a snug fit, keeping dirt off of shoes
    • As Low As £2.95 per 100
  8. Disposable Gloves
    Disposable Gloves
    • Extensive range of disposable gloves in Nitrile, Latex & Vinyl
    • Available in X-Small to X-Large, & specialist materials such as Neoprene
    • As Low As £0.50 per Pack
  9. Eye Protection
    Eye Protection
    • Minimise employees and visitors exposure to a range of hazards
    • Protect the face and eyes from harm in high risk environments
    • As Low As £1.85 each
  10. PPE Disposal Bins
    PPE Disposal Bins
    • Bins for the disposal of PPE
    • Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
    • As Low As £218.90 each
  11. Disposable Gowns
    Disposable Gowns
    • Our range of gowns covers a multitude of needs and are all competitively priced
    • Featuring a variety of different style to suit your needs
    • As Low As £13.25 per 20
  12. Disposable Mob Caps
    Disposable Mob Caps
    • Comfortable Mob Caps secure hair, minimising contamination risk
    • Elasticated trim accommodates a variety of different hairstyles
    • As Low As £4.10 per 100
  13. Hairnets
    • Suitable for use in food preparation, manufacturing and catering
    • Available in premium metal detectable and lightweight
    • As Low As £4.75 per 100
  14. Beard Masks
    Beard Masks
    • Food safe and latex free to minimise the risk of irritation
    • Beard masks are made from soft spun-bond nonwoven fabric
    • As Low As £6.80 per pack
  15. High Visibility Clothing
    High Visibility Clothing
    • Remain visible and safe while working with our hi-vis clothing
    • Choose from a variety of styles to suit your place of work
    • As Low As £1.30 each
  16. Reusable Gloves
    Reusable Gloves
    • Durable and dexterous multi-purpose gloves
    • Gauntlet design ensures extra protection for the user
    • As Low As £1.40 each
  17. Polycotton Men's Lab Coats
    Polycotton Men's Lab Coats
    • Ideal for general purpose barrier protection, laboratories and warehousing
    • Soft polyester / cotton fabric, with hidden stud fasteners
    • As Low As £14.25 per coat
  18. Disposable Underwear
    Disposable Underwear
    • Strong and soft non-woven construction provides maximum comfort
    • Elasticated waist and leg areas ensure a snug and secure fit
    • As Low As £25.75 per 100
  19. Healthcare Workwear
    Healthcare Workwear
    • Comfortable workwear suitable for all healthcare professions
    • Flexible, comfortable and easy to care for
    • As Low As £10.95 each

A wide range of disposable clothing ensuring good hygiene and to limit cross contamination. Use in conjunction with disposable gloves for maximum protection.

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