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  1. Ultimate Industrial
    Ultimate Industrial
    • UCi gloves are certified by recognised testing houses ensuring premium safety
    • Includes a wide raneg of disposable and reusable work wear and gloves
    • As Low As £0.45 Per Pair
  2. SuperTouch
    • Supertouch provide exceptional service at an affordable price
    • Quality protective workwear, disposables and work gloves
    • As Low As £0.85 Per Pair
  3. Disposable Nitrile Gloves From RACLAC ®
    Disposable Nitrile Gloves From RACLAC ®
    • Offering exceptional quality without environmental trade-offs
    • Disposable gloves designed with excellence at the core
    • As Low As £12.95 per Pack
  4. Ansell
    • Premium quality, optimal protection and superior comfort
    • Global leader in protection solutions
    • As Low As £2.10 Per Pair
  5. Unigloves
    • Unigloves specialises in premium medical grade disposable gloves
    • Offering both latex and non-latex gloves
    • As Low As £4.15 Per 100
  6. Bodyguards
    • Bodyguards produce a wide range of latex and latex free disposable gloves
    • For surgical and examination use
    • As Low As £6.95 Per 100
  7. Polyco Healthline
    Polyco Healthline
    • Polyco and HPC united to provide market-leading safety solutions
    • Masters of safe and clean
    • As Low As £1.05 Per Pair
  8. Showa
    • Showa gloves are amongst the highest quality safety gloves in the uk
    • High performance gloves
    • As Low As £1.50 Per Pair
  9. Traffi
    • The hand protection specialists
    • Originators of the colour coded glove system
    • As Low As £5.25 Per Pair
  10. Bollé
    • Bollé Safety provide stylish and effective eye protection
    • Cutting edge technology
    • As Low As £6.50 Per Pair
  11. Marigold
    • Marigold gloves are made to the highest quality standards
    • Durable and dextrous multi-purpose gloves
    • As Low As £4.60 Per Pair
  12. Skytec
    • The Skytec range will fulfil all your safety obligations
    • deliver advanced hand protection for users in many different industries
    • As Low As £3.55 Per Pair

To ensure we offer the highest standard in work and safety gloves, we offer a number of ranges from some of the most respected glove brands in the world! Shop by brand to ensure you are choosing the highest quality work gloves at the very best prices.

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