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JustGloves already offers you the widest range of products at the lowest prices, but if there is a product you would like to see on our site please let us know. Email us today at newproducts@justgloves.co.uk and we will do all we can to source it for you.
  • Provides excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals
  • Offers good abrasion resistance and mechanical protection
  • As Low as £1.45 per Pair
  • Made from health-friendly bamboo, perfect for those affected by eczema
  • Extra long cuffs to cover and protect wrists
  • As Low As £3.65 per Pair
  • GDPR Enforcement – Do Your Employees Know What To Do?
  • Improve Compliance in your workplace by using frequent reminders of new practices
  • As Low As £5.95 Per Bundle
  • Provide outstanding cut and puncture protection from needles and fine sharps
  • Designed specifically for demanding applications
  • As Low As £19.90 per Pair
  • Made from a durable, non-woven construction
  • Excellent levels of absorption and high levels of dirt pick up
  • As Low As £8.50 Per Roll
    • Designed to mitigate risks of cross contamination
    • Effective against a wide range of bacteria
    • As Low As £5.10 per 100
    • Made of a soft but tough and stretchy Nitrile material
    • Developed to give increased sensitivity to the user
    • As Low As £6.65 per 200
    • Seamless knitted glove with polyurethane palm coating
    • Enables the wearer to safely handle rough and sharp objects
    • As Low As £0.85 per Pair
    • Ultra-lightweight, breathable and highly flexible gloves, ensuring ultimate comfort
    • Combines excellent tactility with high protection
    • As Low As £6.95 per Pair
    • Designed specifically for the disposal of insulin syringes
    • Can be stored in a bag or pocket - for personal and clinical use
    • As Low As £1.95 per bin
    • Unique combination of cleansers that leave the skin feeling moist and soft
    • Perfumed and unperfumed options available
    • As Low As £0.75 per pack
    • Quality wipes offering a cost-effective wipe for budget-conscious customers
    • Same high quality that you expect from leading brand Conti
    • As Low As £1.40 per pack
    • Demonstrate your commitment and awareness to data protection
    • GDPR compliant, suitable for use in any building or workplace setting
    • Countoured design ensures ultimate comfort with minimal hand fatigue
    • Delivers excellent abrasion and tear protection
    • As Low As £5.20 per Pair
    • Convenient cleansing for patients’ hands and face
    • Soft, strong and dermatologically tested wipes
    • As Low As £1.20 per pack
    • Thicker and heavier than standard examination gloves
    • Provides improved resistance to snagging and scuffs
    • As Low As £10.65 per 100
    • Easy to use Automatic Overshoe Dispenser supplied with 100 overshoes
    • Protects your floors from dirty boots and shoes
    • As Low As £29.95 Per Dispenser
    • Pre-impregnated with a mild shampoo and conditioner
    • No rinsing is required and the hair dries in minutes
    • As Low As £1.85 per pack
    • All in one cleansing wipes provide a unique one step solution to cleanse, moisturise and protect
    • Help calm skin, soothe itching and aid skin healing
    • As Low As £4.20 per Pair
    • Proven to be safe to flush, minimising the risk of blockages
    • Soft, strong and highly absorbent, ideal for tough messes
    • As Low As £3.20 per pack
    • Seamless knitted nylon liner with two layers of nitrile coating maximising handling ability
    • Solid protection level at a low price point
    • As Low As £3.20 per Pair
    • Superior quality Nitrile gloves from premium brand Bodyguards
    • Offers increased puncture, abrasion and chemical resistance
    • As Low As £7.50 per 100
    • Made of industrial grade vinyl to protect your hands from contaminants
    • Lasts longer than most gloves with a shelf life of 5 years
    • As Low As £3.50 per 100
    • Striking blue colour is ideal for use in food and catering environments
    • 100% latex and powder free, suitable for sensitive skin
    • As Low As £3.60 per 100
    • Natural latex provides a comfortable fit with exceptional dexterity
    • Textured fingertips provide additional grip for the user
    • As Low As £4.50 per 100
    • 100% latex free means these gloves will not irritate the skin
    • Features textured fingertips for a more secure grip for the user
    • As Low As £4.50 per 200
    • Non contaminated sharps not contaminated with medicines
    • For incineration or alternative treatment of non-medicinal sharps
    • As Low As £1.95 per bin
    • Sharps including those contaminated with cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines
    • Designed for use in public access areas such as A&E and outpatients
    • As Low As £1.95 per bin
    • Solid pharmaceutical waste including waste in or out of original packaging
    • Designed for public access areas such as A&E and outpatients
    • As Low As £3.20 per bin
    • Fully compliant with current HSE standards
    • Provides containment and disposal in each application
    • As Low As £5.45 per kit
    • Specially shaped card top fits over the face for maximum security
    • Integrated adhesive strip allows the bag to be sealed after use
    • As Low As £13.95 per pack
    • Ideal for minibus glove boxes and day trip kits
    • Ensure you are always prepared for travel sickness
    • As Low As £9.45 per pack
    • Disposable paper sick bags with plastic lining
    • Comes with a wire tie for sealing the bag up after use
    • As Low As £6.85 per pack
    • Easy to use – ideal for schools trips and nauseous travellers
    • Tough and durable construction prevents leakage during use
    • As Low As £2.60 per pack
    • Ideal for cleaning up vomit prior to disposal
    • Sturdy plastic construction will not become soft during use
    • As Low As £0.65 each
    • Super absorbent powder that is anti bacterial
    • Designed to absorb body fluids and general spillages
    • As Low As £1.65 per pack
    • Pads are impregnated with a powder that turns liquids into a gel
    • One pad can absorb and congeal up to 450ml of fluid
    • As Low As £6.55 per pack
    • Ideal for cleaning up body fluid spills with minimal risk of cross infection
    • Odour neutralising powder is ideal for use on urine, vomit and faeces
    • As Low As £37.55 per pack
    • Granules absorb fluid turning it into a gel within minutes
    • Safely absorb body fluid spillages such as blood vomit and urine
    • As Low As £0.40 per pack
    • For the removal, containment and disposal of syringes and needles
    • Evolution kit is housed in a durable orange plastic case
    • As Low As £3.55 per pack
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