Work Gloves

Work & Safety gloves designed specifically for industrial and manual work. No matter your work glove requirements - whether it's a durable exterior to protect from blades, a soft and flexible material for delicate handling, or even just a bit of grip to assist with manual handling - you're sure to find what you need in our extensive range.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 place a duty on every employer to ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to employees who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work.

  1. Cut Resistant Gloves Cut Resistant Gloves
    • Cut Resistant Gloves constructed from various material types
    • Includes gloves with Cut Level 5, providing optimum protection
    • As Low As £3.15 per Pair
  2. Assembly Line Gloves Assembly Line Gloves
    • Protect hands & items without dexterity loss during precise tasks
    • Perfect for inspection tasks, light handling or as a glove lining
    • As Low As £0.30 per Pair
  3. Gripper Gloves Gripper Gloves
    • A range of coated gloves to provide additional grip & protection
    • Ideal for various general purpose manual handling applications
    • As Low As £0.65 per Pair
  4. TurtleSkin Gloves TurtleSkin Gloves
    • Provide outstanding cut and puncture protection from needles and fine sharps
    • Designed specifically for demanding applications
    • As Low As £19.90 per Pair
  5. Fingerless Gloves Fingerless Gloves
    • Protect your hands whilst leaving your fingertips free for high dexterity
    • Ideal for a number of delicate and precise manual tasks
    • As Low As £0.65 per Pair
  6. Waterproof / Oil Work Gloves Waterproof / Oil Work Gloves
    • Gloves that provide unquestionable grip in wet and oily conditions
    • Snug fitting gloves that are extremely versatile and also stretchy
    • As Low as £1.35 per Pair
  7. Heat Resistant Gloves Heat Resistant Gloves
    • For protection when handling or being exposed to dry heat sources
    • Ideal for utensil handling, kitchen use & general maintenance
    • As Low as £1.50 per Pair
  8. Cut Resistant Sleeves Cut Resistant Sleeves
    • A range of cut resistant sleeves to protect the users arms
    • Can be used in conjunction with cut resistant gloves for added protection
    • As Low as £3.30 per sleeve
  9. Disposable Chemical Resistant Gloves Disposable Chemical Resistant Gloves
    • A range of gloves suitable for protecting against a variety of chemicals
    • Made from nitrile synthetic rubber, perfect for general cleaning
    • As Low as £1.50 per Pair
  10. Reusable Chemical Resistant Gloves Reusable Chemical Resistant Gloves
    • A range of gloves suitable for protecting against a variety of chemicals
    • Includes robust gauntlets suitable for industrial chemicals
    • As Low As £0.55 per pair
  11. HexArmor Gloves HexArmor Gloves
    • A comprehensive range of the ultimate safety gloves from HexArmor
    • Various styles & sizes available for differing protection levels
    • From £51.95 per Pair
  12. Rigger Gloves Rigger Gloves
    • General purpose rigger gloves in a range of designs and qualities
    • Suitable for general handling & industrial purpose application
    • As Low As £1.10 per Pair
  13. Mechanics Safety Gloves Mechanics Safety Gloves
    • Specialist disposable & non-disposable gloves ideal for mechanics
    • Hardwearing gloves provide protection for automotive applications
    • As Low as £0.75 per Pair
  14. Specialist Gloves Specialist Gloves
    • Range of specialist gloves tailored to meet specific requirements
    • Choose from ranges for specialist professions & applications
    • As Low as £0.45 per Pair
  15. Kevlar Gloves Kevlar Gloves
    • Our range of cut resistant Kevlar gloves for various applications
    • Gloves with high cut & tear resistance are ideal for dry handling
    • As Low as £3.30 per Pair
  16. Cold Work Gloves Cold Work Gloves
    • Specialist gloves supply protection & grip for cold handling
    • Includes fleece lining for additional warmth during cold weather
    • As Low As £2.15 per Pair
  17. Mixed Fibre Gloves Mixed Fibre Gloves
    • For use as glove liners, handling delicate items or assembly work
    • Give extra protection during a wide variety of light manual tasks
    • As Low As £0.50 per Pair
  18. Anti-Static Gloves Anti-Static Gloves
    • Protect both the wearer and the product by discharging electrostatic build-up
    • Certified as Antistatic according to EN1149
    • As Low As £0.45 per Pair
  19. Glove Liners
    Glove Liners
    • Keep hands protected against hazards and spot tears in disposable gloves
    • Ideal under work gloves for warmth and comfort
    • As Low As £0.30 per Pair
  20. Needlestick Protection
    Needlestick Protection
    • Robust protection against needles and other sharps
    • Essential for refuse and sheet metal handling
    • As Low As £19.90 per Pair
  21. Gardening Gloves Gardening Gloves
    • Range of specifically sourced gardening gloves offer great dexterity
    • Ideal for professional and home garden use
    • As Low As £0.75 per Pair

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