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PPE & Hi-Vis

  1. Healthcare Workwear
    Healthcare Workwear
    • Comfortable workwear suitable for all healthcare professions
    • Flexible, comfortable and easy to care for
    • As Low As £10.95 each
  2. High Visibility Clothing
    High Visibility Clothing
    • Remain visible and safe while working with our hi-vis clothing
    • Choose from a variety of styles to suit your place of work
    • As Low As £1.30 each
  3. Eye Protection
    Eye Protection
    • Minimise employees and visitors exposure to a range of hazards
    • Protect the face and eyes from harm in high risk environments
    • As Low As £1.85 each
  4. Hygiene Face Shield - Pack of 3
    Hygiene Face Shield - Pack of 3
    • Protective visor shield - visors keep you protected
    • Frequent wiping with sanitising products will kill bugs and germs
    • Only £17.55 per pack of 3
  5. Work Gloves
    Work Gloves
    • Protective work gloves designed for industrial and manual work
    • Available in a range of materials and palm types to suit all needs
    • As Low As £0.95 per Pair
  6. FFP Face Masks
    FFP Face Masks
    • FFP face masks offer a significant upgrade when compared to fabric and surgical masks
    • Protect both the user and wearer, unlike other face coverings
    • As Low As £2.95 per Pack
  7. Dunlop Advanced Vision Protective Face Visors
    Dunlop Advanced Vision Protective Face Visors
    • Protective face visor shield supplied in a pack of 3
    • Face shields can be worn alone or alongside face masks
    • Only £18.65 per pack of 3
  8. Universal Safety Helmet Face Screen
    Universal Safety Helmet Face Screen
    • Universal safety helmet face visors can be fixed onto any size of helmet
    • One pack includes five protective screens with visor
    • Only £19.75 per Pack of 5
  9. UCI HLT1 Premium Helmet Liners
    UCI HLT1 Premium Helmet Liners
    • 40g Thinsulate lined, waterproof and breathable helmet liner
    • Helps workers concentration and adds warmth during cold weather
    • As Low As £7.15 Each
  10. Ear Plugs
    Ear Plugs
    • Individually wrapped soft foam pairs for additional cleanliness
    • Effective at absorbing noise while providing optimal comfort
    • From £61.05 per Pack
  11. PPE Safety Stations
    PPE Safety Stations
    • Ensure visitors know where to report to on arrival and correct PPE
    • Informative panels ensure visitors are made aware of potential hazards
    • As Low As £13.95 per Station
  12. PPE Storage Cupboards
    PPE Storage Cupboards
    • Ensure PPE is close to hand and much smaller than blocks of lockers
    • Let workplaces show a clear location for PPE equipment and clothing
    • As Low As £174.00 per unit
  13. PPE Lockers
    PPE Lockers
    • Robust all steel construction with a choice of two depths
    • Provide staff with their own secure space to store work wear
    • As Low As £94.00 per unit

Ensure safety within your workplace with a wide range of protective equipment, as well as reflective and hi viz clothing in a range of styles to suit your workplace or roles.

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