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Koolkids Instant Cold Packs

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Koolkids Instant Cold Packs

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As Low As £0.95
Rapid Relief for Little Heroes – Comforting Coolness in Seconds!
  • Simple Squeeze & Shake Activation – Provides rapid relief from pain and discomfort. Great for treating bumps, bruises, sprains, and strains
  • Child-Friendly Size – Perfectly tailored for treating children, making them a travel must-have for parents. Ideal for school trip first aid kits and handbags
  • Headache Soothing – Versatile pain relief not only for injuries but also great for soothing headaches in children
  • Safe Disposal – Convenient non-woven packs, easily disposed of in normal waste
  • Extended Cooling – Enjoy up to 20 minutes of cooling relief at room temperature, ensuring lasting comfort and support
  • Kid-Friendly Design – Fun and engaging designs help put children at ease during moments of discomfort, turning frowns upside down
  • Medical-Grade Certification – All Koolpak Instant Cold Packs are fully compliant with the Medical Devices Directive. Meeting the requirements of the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), products are certified as Class IIa medical devices and accredited to ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016
  • CE Certification – The CE mark and authority number ensure suitability for medical or therapeutic use. If an Instant Cold Pack does not show a CE mark and authority number, then it is NOT suitable for medical or therapeutic use
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VP0346 - Instant Cold Packs

Description KoolKids
Dimensions 150 x 150mm
Pack Qty 1 Pack
1 - 5 £1.25
6 - 7 £1.20
8 - 9 £1.05
10+ £0.95

VP0258 - Instant Cold Packs

Description KoolKids
Dimensions 150 x 150mm
Pack Qty 20 Packs
1 - 5 £13.00
6 - 7 £11.90
8 - 9 £10.80
10+ £10.05

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