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Sharps Disposal

Safely dispose of sharp objects & minimise injury risk with our range of tough plastic bins that securely store used blades, needles and medicines. All bins comply with HTM 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, and current NHS ‘point of use’ disposal guidelines.

Please note that the litre listed for each bin is the capacity including the lid, however you should only fill the bin to the line indicated on the lid. This is to ensure the correct and safe usage of this bin for both user and those collecting it for disposal.

  1. Sharpsafe 0.2 Litre Insulin Bin
    Sharpsafe 0.2 Litre Insulin Bin
    • Designed specifically for the disposal of insulin syringes
    • Can be stored in a bag or pocket - for personal and clinical use
    • As Low As £2.00 per bin
  2. Sharpsafe Medical Sharps Bins
    Sharpsafe Medical Sharps Bins
    • Partially discharged & empty sharps including medicine contaminated
    • For the safe disposal of infectious sharps requiring incineration
    • As Low As £2.25 per bin
  3. Sharpsafe Non-Medicinal Sharps Bins
    Sharpsafe Non-Medicinal Sharps Bins
    • Non contaminated sharps not contaminated with medicines
    • For incineration or alternative treatment of non-medicinal sharps
    • As Low As £2.55 per bin
  4. Sharpsafe Cyto Sharps Bins
    Sharpsafe Cyto Sharps Bins
    • Sharps including those contaminated with cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines
    • Designed for use in public access areas such as A&E and outpatients
    • As Low As £2.00 per bin
  5. Sharpsafe Solid Pharma Waste Bin
    Sharpsafe Solid Pharma Waste Bin
    • Solid pharmaceutical waste including waste in or out of original packaging
    • Designed for public access areas such as A&E and outpatients
    • As Low As £3.30 per bin
  6. Sharps Disposal Kits
    Sharps Disposal Kits
    • For the removal, containment and disposal of syringes and needles
    • Evolution kit is housed in a durable orange plastic case
    • As Low As £3.85 per pack

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