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COVID-Secure Barriers & Pedestrian Control

  1. Social Distancing Floor Marking
    Social Distancing Floor Marking
    • Use to highlight social distancing requirements
    • Available in a variety of colours and styles
    • As Low As £4.60 each
  2. Biodegradable Barrier Tape
    Biodegradable Barrier Tape
    • Highlight areas where pedestrians should and shouldn't be gathering
    • Supplied in a handy dispenser box for easy use
    • As Low As £7.50 each
  3. Hygiene Barrier System
    Hygiene Barrier System
    • Create a safe and COVID-Secure environment for staff and visitors
    • Encourage social distancing and ensure hands are sanitised before entering
    • As Low As £8.45 per component
  4. Barrier Gate System
    Barrier Gate System
    • Ideal for temporarily cordoning off certain areas
    • Perfect for encouraging social distancing measures
    • As Low As £87.85 each
  5. Social Distancing Floor Stands
    Social Distancing Floor Stands
    • Floor stands help to promote safe social distancing
    • Both sides deliver a clear message with highly visible black symbol and text
    • As Low As £10.95 per sign
  6. Traffic Cone
    Traffic Cone
    • Ideal for use in outside/indoor areas to direct the flow and direction of pedestrians
    • Ideal applications include reception areas, offices, commercial premises and queueing areas
    • As Low As £12.45 each
  7. No Waiting Cone
    No Waiting Cone
    • Premises may need to consider temporary solutions to ensure sufficient social distancing
    • Highly recognisable design, used throughout the UK
    • As Low As £16.40 each

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