Cleaning Equipment

Here at Just Gloves we like to ensure all your needs are met. That's why we now supply a comprehensive range of janitorial supplies to help you keep your work or home environment clean and fresh without breaking the bank. Our range includes a vast selection of cleaning chemicals, along with buckets and wringers, mops, brushes, cloths and much more to help provide you with everything you need in one easy location.

  1. BioGuard Cleaning Solution BioGuard Cleaning Solution
    • Biocidal cleaning solution effective against a range of bacteria
    • Ideal for cleaning & disinfecting large surfaces without staining
    • As Low As £4.25 per Solution
  2. Clinell Universal Sanitising Spray
    Clinell Universal Sanitising Spray
    • Combined detergent and disinfectant action
    • Kills at least 99.999% of microorganisms, including MRSA, E. coli and Norovirus
    • As Low As £2.45 per Spray
  3. Cleaning Cloths Cleaning Cloths
    • Made from a durable, non-woven construction
    • Excellent levels of absorption and high levels of dirt pick up
    • As Low As £8.50 Per Roll
  4. Clinell Indicator Tape
    Clinell Indicator Tape
    • Clearly defines when equipment has been cleaned
    • Made with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Infection Control Department
    • As Low As £6.50 per Roll
  5. Clinell Indicator Notes - Red
    Clinell Indicator Notes - Red
    • A perfect solution for when an equipment cannot be immediately cleaned after patient use
    • The easiest way to clearly mark 'I need to be cleaned'
    • As Low As £20.90 per Pack
  6. Clinell Indicator Notes - Green
    Clinell Indicator Notes - Green
    • Quick and effective system for labelling equipment after it has been sanitised
    • Helping you conform to UK Department of Health High Impact Interventions No. 8
    • As Low As £20.90 per Pack
  7. Household Rubber Gloves Household Rubber Gloves
    • Household 'Marigold' style rubber gloves with a soft inner lining
    • Choose from three bright colours of these medium weight gloves
    • As Low As £0.60 per Pair
  8. Multi Purpose Wipes Multi Purpose Wipes
    • Our range of Multi Purpose Wipes are ideal for a range of uses
    • Clean surfaces, hands and get rid of bacteria with one handy wipe
    • As Low As £2.60 per pack
  9. Disinfectant Wipes Disinfectant Wipes
    • Disinfectant wipes ideal for cleaning hard surfaces
    • Quickly clean and disinfect surfaces at work or at home
    • As Low As £2.60 per pack

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