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Hygiene Screens

  1. Floorstanding / Mobile Hygiene Screens
    Floorstanding / Mobile Hygiene Screens
    • Designed to protect those who are in locations where close interaction takes place
    • Ideal for offices/ reception areas
    • As Low As £165.00 per screen
  2. Floorstanding Office Screen
    Floorstanding Office Screen
    • Clear protective hygiene screens provide a barrier for people and visitors
    • Customised configurations to suit any space
    • As Low As £121.00 per screen
  3. Recyclable Desk Dividing Hygiene Screens
    Recyclable Desk Dividing Hygiene Screens
    • Pack of 5 fully sustainable desk screens help businesses return to work safely
    • Clear vision panels help ensure staff don’t feel too ‘closed in’
    • As Low As £40.69 per Screen
  4. Freestanding Desktop Screens
    Freestanding Desktop Screens
    • Hygiene screens provide a protective barrier for people and visitors
    • Can be easily relocated where needed
    • As Low As £77.00 per screen
  5. Clamp-Fixed Desktop Screen
    Clamp-Fixed Desktop Screen
    • Wipe clean, clear desktop hygiene screens provide safety for office staff and visitors
    • Supplied with c-clamps to be secured to the desktop
    • As Low As £93.50 per screen
  6. Hygiene Screen
    Hygiene Screen
    • Protective hygiene screens are designed to be attached to desks/till points
    • Signs are included with the screen
    • As Low As £137.45 per poster
  7. Frame Lite Hygienic Screens
    Frame Lite Hygienic Screens
    • Hygienic screens allow easy social distancing, ideal for any environment
    • Screens can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant spray or wipe
    • As Low As £457.55 Each

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