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Surface And Room Sanitising

Specially formulated disinfectant cleaners to effectively sanitise and disinfect hard surfaces. Choose from convenient trigger sprays or fogging systems for larger surface areas.

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  1. Fogging And Room Disinfection
    Fogging And Room Disinfection
    • Includes fogging systems to disinfect rooms between 500-600 square metres
    • Perfect for larger offices and workplaces
    • As Low As £7.25 each
  2. Disinfectants & Cleaning Sprays
    Disinfectants & Cleaning Sprays
    • A selection of sprays suitable for use on hard surfaces and hands where applicable
    • The range also feature disinfectants for garments and upholstery
    • As Low As £2.50 each
  3. Cleaning Accessories
    Cleaning Accessories
    • Cleaning cloths and indicator tapes for improved hygiene and cleanliness
    • Perfect for helping to maintain a Covid secure workplace
    • As Low As £4.45 each
  4. Disinfectant Wipes
    Disinfectant Wipes
    • Disinfectant wipes ideal for cleaning skin and surfaces
    • Quickly clean and disinfect surfaces at work or at home
    • As Low As £1.50 per pack
  5. Grab 'n' Clean Portable Roll Dispenser
    Grab 'n' Clean Portable Roll Dispenser
    • Improves infection control, protecting the roll with a closed system design
    • Portable, refillable sheet-by-sheet dispensing system
    • Only £8.95 Each
  6. Door Hygiene
    Door Hygiene
    • Covers and push pads self-disinfect to minimise the spread of viruses
    • Demonstrate a commitment to hygiene on your premises
    • As Low As £23.95 per Pack
  7. Surface Sanitising Special Offers
    Surface Sanitising Special Offers
    • Special offers across our range of surface sanitising products
    • Stay clean and sanitised in your workplace for less
    • As Low As £7.50 per Pack
  8. Paper Towel Rolls
    Paper Towel Rolls
    • High quality towel rolls ideal for a variety of cleaning tasks
    • Standard rolls, centrefeed and branded varieties available
    • As Low as £8.95 per Case
  9. HQube UV-C Sterilising Cube
    HQube UV-C Sterilising Cube
    • HQube uses highly effective UV-C technology
    • Kills germs, bacteria and viruses without damaging your consumables
    • As Low As £75.95 Each

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