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Infection Control Signage

Up to 20% of workers could be off sick at the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak*, with businesses facing a significant impact as a result. Ensuring staff and visitors wash hands regularly is critical to limit the spread of the virus, and must be taken seriously within organisations. UK businesses are providing staff with unprecedented amounts of hygiene products to facilitate this, however providing sufficient direction and awareness of hygiene protocol is often overlooked. Our effective range of infection control signage and posters is designed to be placed in key locations around premises to regularly remind everyone to practice the recommended advice in order to slow the spread and limit the impact of Coronavirus.

* Official figure taken from Gov UK - Coronavirus: Action Plan

  1. Hand Hygiene Instructional Signs Hand Hygiene Instructional Signs
    • Clear signage highlights the importance of hand hygiene
    • Provide guidance to help to reduce the spread of germs and viruses
    • As Low As £2.10 per sign
  2. Hand Hygiene Posters Hand Hygiene Posters
    • Inform staff and visitors on the importance of hand hygiene
    • Helping to minimise the spread of illnesses and reducing staff sickness
    • As Low As £6.95 per poster
  3. Coronavirus Guidance Poster Coronavirus Guidance Poster
    • Coronavirus specific hygiene protocol to help minimise the impact on businesses
    • Critical actions to help reduce the spread of germs and viruses
    • As Low As £6.95 per poster
  4. Hand Hygiene Signs Hand Hygiene Signs
    • Advise visitors and staff ways to keep working conditions clean and sanitary
    • Help prevent significant amounts of lost man hours through sickness
    • As Low As £0.60 per sign
  5. Hand Hygiene Labels Hand Hygiene Labels
    • Handy sheets are ideal for highlighting hand hygiene best practise
    • Essential in preventing the spread of harmful germs and bacteria
    • As Low As £5.95 per sheet
  6. Toilet / Washroom Signs Toilet / Washroom Signs
    • Ensure facilities are prominently displayed for easy access
    • Remind users to maintain hygiene levels and keep toilets clean
    • As Low As £1.45 per sign
  7. Social Distancing Signs Social Distancing Signs
    • Coronavirus Public Notice – distancing protocol specifically in relation to Coronavirus
    • Ideal for display around all types of premises
    • As Low As £2.25 Per Sign

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