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Social Distancing Essentials

Increased hygiene protocols in workplaces are likely to be with us for some time, in order to protect staff, customers and visitors from further spread of Coronavirus. One way of enhancing your workplaces hygiene protocols is by ensuring appropriate levels of social distancing are maintained at all times. Our range of signage, floor stands, floor marking tapes, matting and high visibility clothing can all encourage effective social distancing.

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  1. Social Distancing Floor Stands
    Social Distancing Floor Stands
    • Floor stands help to promote safe social distancing
    • Both sides deliver a clear message with highly visible black symbol and text
    • As Low As £10.95 per sign
  2. COVID Secure Workplace Signs
    COVID Secure Workplace Signs
    • Signs to maintain a COVID-Secure workplace
    • Help ensure the highest levels of workplace hygiene are maintained
    • As Low As £0.30 per sign
  3. Custom COVID Secure Signs
    Custom COVID Secure Signs
    • Create your own range of notices specifically relating to Coronavirus
    • Ideal for display around all types of premises
    • As Low As £3.15 Per Sign
  4. COVID-Secure Matting
    COVID-Secure Matting
    • Floor mats ideal for any public building including hospitals, supermarkets and offices
    • Encourage effective social distancing
    • As Low As £15.95 each
  5. Social Distancing Floor Marking
    Social Distancing Floor Marking
    • Use to highlight social distancing requirements
    • Available in a variety of colours and styles
    • As Low As £4.60 each
  6. High Visibility Clothing
    High Visibility Clothing
    • Remain visible and safe while working with our hi-vis clothing
    • Choose from a variety of styles to suit your place of work
    • As Low As £1.15 each
  7. COVID-Secure Barriers & Pedestrian Control
    COVID-Secure Barriers & Pedestrian Control
    • Pedestrian control measures can ensure effective social distancing is practised
    • Choose from a range of signs, barriers, cones and tapes
    • As Low As £4.60 each
  8. GDPR Compliant Visitor Book
    GDPR Compliant Visitor Book
    • Demonstrate your commitment and awareness to data protection
    • GDPR compliant, suitable for use in any building or workplace setting
    • As Low As £17.25 per Book
  9. COVID-Secure Posters & Labels
    COVID-Secure Posters & Labels
    • A range of resources to help maintain a COVID-Secure workplace
    • Help ensure the highest levels of workplace hygiene are maintained
    • As Low As £6.95 each
  10. Social Distancing LED Sign
    Social Distancing LED Sign
    • Easily enforce social distancing to keep everyone safe and your business open
    • Smart LED light motion sensors detect when you’re within a one metre range
    • As Low As £26.65 Each
  11. Hygiene Screens
    Hygiene Screens
    • A range of hygiene screens available as either desktop or floor standing variants
    • Clear protective screens protect staff and visitors
    • As Low As £70.00 each

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