Latex Gloves

Used in a wide variety of industries due to high levels of dexterity and elasticity, providing superior levels of comfort.

  • Manufactured from a naturally occurring rubber latex
  • Possess greater biodegradability than man-made Vinyl or Nitrile
  • Superior elasticity and tensile strength provide unsurpassed user comfort
  • Extremely closefitting, making Latex Gloves ideal for precise tasks
  • Offer good protection during high-risk tasks involving infectious material
  • Ideal for when gloves are need for extended periods of time
  • Wash proof and detergent safe
Property Good Very Good Exceptional
Comfort     Suitable
Dexterity     Suitable
Sensitivity     Suitable
Tear & Abrasion Resistance   Suitable  
Cut & Puncture Resistance   Suitable  
Resistance to Oil & Grease   Suitable  
Resistance to Chemicals Suitable    
Biodegradability     Suitable
Price   Suitable  
Suitable for Latex allergy sufferers No


Latex Allergies

Some users find themselves allergic to the proteins contained within natural rubber, which is why many have switched to other materials. However some gloves have been treated with chlorine and water then neutralised with ammonia, this reduces protein levels to below the limit of detection. Many latex sensitive users find they can use Chlorinated Latex Gloves without provoking an adverse reaction.

Please view our range of Chlorinated and Low Protein Latex Gloves. If you are unsure or still find you are allergic, Vinyl or Nitrile gloves may be a better choice for you.



  • Medical & Surgical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Veterinary
  • Primary Care
  • Beauticians
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanical
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial
  • Horticulture
  • Cleaning
Bodyguards Latex Gloves
  • Natural Latex gloves with low residual proteins from Bodyguards
  • Strong glove construction reduces the risk of tearing during use
  • As Low As £14.15 per 100
  • Our premium quality Powder Free Latex glove provide a close fit
  • Beaded cuffs aid donning & textured surface offers excellent grip
  • As Low As £7.50 per 100
  • Our best selling, quality Latex glove at an unbeatable price!
  • Conforming fit offers dexterity & texture offers superb grip
  • As Low As £10.95 per 100



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