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Burns Treatments

  1. Burn Dressings
    Burn Dressings
    • Designed to provide instant soothing relief to burns & scalds
    • Closed cell carrier enriched with antibacterial tea tree oil gel
    • As Low As £3.55 Per Dressing
  2. Burn Gels
    Burn Gels
    • Quick acting gel provides effective relief from burn injuries
    • Antibacterial tea tree oil helps to prevent infection in burns
    • As Low As £2.70 Per Bottle
  3. Wallace Cameron Burns First Aid Kits
    Wallace Cameron Burns First Aid Kits
    • Contains the premium quality Sterikool range
    • Non-medicated Sterile Gel Water Wraps cool by constant evaporation
    • As Low As £21.85 Per Kit
  4. Cederroth Burns Gel Dressings
    Cederroth Burns Gel Dressings
    • Quick cooling and rapid pain relief for first and second degree burns
    • Also suitable for mosquito bites and sun burn
    • As Low As £15.70 Per Pack
  5. Cederroth Burns Gel Spray
    Cederroth Burns Gel Spray
    • Rapid cooling and effective pain relief for burns
    • Prevents the injury from penetrating the skin deeper
    • As Low As £20.60 Per Bottle

A variety of rapid cooling relief treatments for all types of burn injuries.

Choose from Cederroth burn gel dressing or spray or Burn Free burn dressings, which are ideal additions to any fully stocked first aid kit. Alternatively a burns first aid kit supplies all that is required to effectively treat a wide variety of burns.

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