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Sick & Urine Bags

  1. CareBag 'Vom' Vomit Bag
    CareBag 'Vom' Vomit Bag
    • Sick bags with an absorbent core - fewer spills & less mess!
    • Turns 400ml of liquid into gel - 20 bags per pack
    • As low as £16.95 per pack
  2. CareBag Travel Kit with Super Absorbent Pad
    CareBag Travel Kit with Super Absorbent Pad
    • Ideal for children and adults suffering from motion sickness
    • Bag and absorbent pad neutralize bad odors
    • As Low As £6.25 per pack
  3. Standard Sick Bag Packs
    Standard Sick Bag Packs
    • Ideal for minibus glove boxes and day trip kits
    • Ensure you are always prepared for travel sickness
    • As Low As £11.80 per pack
  4. Paper Sick Bags
    Paper Sick Bags
    • Disposable paper sick bags with plastic lining
    • Comes with a wire tie for sealing the bag up after use
    • As Low As £8.75 per pack
  • Deal with vomit & urine quickly
  • Great for trips out and about
  • Fantastic value - low online prices
  • Wide range of

Quickly and easily deal with vomit and urine with our range of sick and urine bags. Designed to be kept on your person or with your first aid supplies, these bags do not take up much room and allow you to deal with vomiting episodes with the minimum of fuss. Our Care Bag 'Vom' range features an absorbent core which turns 450ml of liquid into a gel which minimises leaks and odours.

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