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Hand Hygiene

A wide range of handwashes to reduce the risk of cross infection and are kind to the skin. Suitable for frequent use, and can be used in the workplace as well as at home.

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  1. Dispensers and Stations
    Dispensers and Stations
    • Ideal for busy environments where high levels of hygiene are required
    • Ensures easy access to hand hygiene as part of infection control protocol
    • As Low As £9.45 each
  2. Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers
    Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers
    • A range of alcohol free infection control hand rubs and cleansers
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that may be on your hands
    • As Low As £1.65 each
  3. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers
    Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers
    • Range of alcohol based hand sanitisers ensure high levels of hygiene
    • Keeping hands clean and sanitised will help prevent the spread of viruses
    • As Low As £1.45 each
  4. Soaps & Handwashes
    Soaps & Handwashes
    • Range of soaps and handwashes for thorough cleaning
    • Available in a range of formats to suit different requirements
    • Only £1.50 per Bottle
  5. Personal Care
    Personal Care
    • Soothe dry, cracked skin and protect sensitive skin
    • Essential during extended or prolonged glove use to reduce sweat
    • As Low As £4.05 each
  6. Hand Wipes
    Hand Wipes
    • For quick and effective hand sanitising whenever you need it
    • Ideal for when access to hand washing facilities is unavailable
    • As Low As £0.95 per pack
  7. Door Hygiene
    Door Hygiene
    • Covers and push pads self-disinfect to minimise the spread of viruses
    • Demonstrate a commitment to hygiene on your premises
    • As Low As £23.95 per Pack
  8. Please Remember - Hands, Face, Space Poster
    Please Remember - Hands, Face, Space Poster
    • Highlights the importance of hygiene, face coverings and social distancing
    • Ideal for display around all premises - A2 and A3 sizes available
    • As Low As £7.45 Each
  9. Wash Hands, Cover Face, Make Space Poster
    Wash Hands, Cover Face, Make Space Poster
    • Highlight the importance of hand hygiene, wearing face coverings and social distancing
    • Choose from A2 or A3 sizes
    • As Low As £7.45 Each

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