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Hand Wipes

Our range of hand cleaning wipes to suit a variety of applications. From more stubborn dirt and grease Hanzl Wipes are ideal. Clinell Antibacterial Wipes come individually wrapped and are ideal for carrying with you. See our full range below.
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  1. React Biodegradable Hand & Surface Anti-Bacterial Wipes
    React Biodegradable Hand & Surface Anti-Bacterial Wipes
    • React wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria, yet are gentle on skin
    • Biodegradable wipes are completely flushable
    • As Low As £2.56 per Pack of 60
  2. Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes
    Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes
    • Clean and thoroughly disinfect 99.999% of germs in one easy step
    • Wipes work in 10 seconds and effects can last for up to 24 hours
    • As Low As £6.90 per pack
  3. Carell Personal Care Wipes
    Carell Personal Care Wipes
    • For patient use to keep themselves and their immediate area clean
    • Dermatologically tested and ensure patients stay fresh, clean and protected
    • As Low As £0.95 per pack
  4. Cutisoft Pre-Injection Swabs
    Cutisoft Pre-Injection Swabs
    • Designed to sanitise the skin prior to tattoos and piercings
    • Saturated with 70% alcohol solution ensuring rapid disinfection of the skin
    • As Low As £1.50 Per Box
  5. Alcotip 70% Alcohol Swabs
    Alcotip 70% Alcohol Swabs
    • Impregnated with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution
    • Ideal for disinfecting hand held devices and equipment
    • As Low As £3.95 per pack
  6. Wipepod Wipe Dispenser
    Wipepod Wipe Dispenser
    • Much easier to dispense and access than multiple packs of wipes
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, vandalism or theft
    • As Low As £20.95 per pack
  7. Pal TX Hand & Surface Wipes
    Pal TX Hand & Surface Wipes
    • Specially designed for hygienic cleaning of hands and hard surfaces
    • Effective against a wide range of germs
    • As Low As £11.95 per pack
  8. Bioguard Hand and Surface Wipes
    Bioguard Hand and Surface Wipes
    • Dual purpose - for disinfecting both hands and hard surfaces
    • Alcohol free formula is effective against a range of bacteria
    • As Low As £6.85 per pack
  9. Select Black Swabs
    Select Black Swabs
    • Individually wrapped black two-ply 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes
    • Great for cleaning and preparing the skin prior to tattooing or body piercing
    • As Low As £4.15 per box of 100
  10. Hand Hygiene
    Hand Hygiene
    • A range of handwashes, sanitisers, wipes and dispensers
    • Keeping hands clean and sanitised will help prevent the spread of viruses
    • As Low As £0.95 each

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