Medical Wipes

  1. Cutisoft Pre-Injection Swabs Cutisoft Pre-Injection Swabs
    • Designed to sanitise the skin prior to tattoos and piercings
    • Saturated with 70% alcohol solution ensuring rapid disinfection of the skin
    • As Low As £1.50 Per Box
  2. Clinell Alcohol Wipes Clinell Alcohol Wipes
    • High quality durable wipes from market leader Clinell
    • Saturated with pharmaceutical grade 70% Isopropyl alcohol
    • As Low As £2.95 per pack
  3. Medipal Alcohol Wipes Medipal Alcohol Wipes
    • Rebranded MediPal Wipes replace Pal Clinical Wipes
    • Disinfect non invasive devices - containing 70% isopropyl alcohol
    • As Low As £3.00 per pack
  4. Wipepod Wipe Dispenser Wipepod Wipe Dispenser
    • Much easier to dispense and access than multiple packs of wipes
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, vandalism or theft
    • As Low As £14.22 per pack
  5. Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Skin Wipes
    Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Skin Wipes
    • Ideal for cleaning the skin after dressing removal or prior to injections
    • Supplied in a box of 200 sachets for busier environments
    • As Low As £6.10 per pack
  6. Select Black Swabs
    Select Black Swabs
    • Individually wrapped black two-ply 70% isopropyl alcohol skin cleanser wipes
    • Great for cleaning and preparing the skin prior to tattooing or body piercing
    • As Low As £1.55 per box of 100

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