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Essential for sanitising hard surfaces, hands and equipment.

Pal TX Surface Disinfectant Wipes are ideal for cleansing hard surfaces and compliant to the revised EU legislation. Clinell Universal Wipes can be used on both medical equipment and hard surfaces for added versatility.

  1. Alcohol Free Moist Wipes Alcohol Free Moist Wipes
    • Our range of Alcohol Free Wipes are safe to use on all age groups
    • Ideal for cleaning areas around injuries & cuts prior to dressing
    • As Low As £3.75 per pack
  2. Patient Wipes
    Patient Wipes
    • Patient wipes in a range of brands & available with dispensers
    • Antibacterial variety available if required & in a range of sizes
    • As Low As £1.35 per pack
  3. Virucidal Cleansing Wipes Virucidal Cleansing Wipes
    • Suitable for surface and hand cleaning
    • Provide a residual effect on hard surfaces
    • As Low As £4.95 per pack
  4. Alcotip Alcohol Pre-Injection Swabs
    Alcotip Alcohol Pre-Injection Swabs
    • Impregnated with a 70% Isopropyl alcohol solution
    • Perfect for cleansing skin prior to injections
    • As Low As £3.95 per pack
  5. Microsafe 70% Alcohol Skin & Surface Moist Wipes Microsafe 70% Alcohol Skin & Surface Moist Wipes
    • 70% Alcohol wipe for disinfection of skin and surfaces
    • Individually wrapped wi[pes are ideal for adding to medical supplies and kits
    • Only £4.95 per Pack of 20
  6. Virucidal Wipes & Disposable Gloves Kit Virucidal Wipes & Disposable Gloves Kit
    • Virucidal wipes suitable for hands & surfaces
    • Medical grade nitrile gloves for reliable protection
    • As low as £7.95 per pack

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