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Clinical Waste Handling

  1. Sharps Disposal
    Sharps Disposal
    • Safely dispose of sharp objects with our range of tough plastic bins
    • Complies with HTM07-01 : Safe Management of Healthcare Waste
    • As Low As £2.00 per bin
  2. Biohazard Disposal Bags
    Biohazard Disposal Bags
    • Clearly labelled for safe disposal of biohazardous waste
    • Adhere to PIRA/UN carriage of dangerous goods regulations
    • As Low As £2.75 per roll
  3. Biohazard & Body Fluid Disposal
    Biohazard & Body Fluid Disposal
    • Quickly and safely deal with body fluid spills
    • Includes scoop & scrapers, biohazard kits and biohazard powders
    • As Low As £0.40 each
  4. Waste Sacks
    Waste Sacks
    • General purpose sacks for getting rid of waste
    • Available in both clear and black varieties, depending on application
    • As low as £9.95 per pack of 200
  5. Orange Clinical Waste Sacks
    Orange Clinical Waste Sacks
    • Suitable for disposing of waste contaminated with blood and ink
    • Economical waste sacks designed to the highest specifications
    • As Low As £4.95 per roll

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