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A variety of first aid dressings to protect wounds against infection and aid the healing process. Choose from adhesive, or non-adhesive wound pads, or standard dressings. Ideal for replenishing any well stocked first aid kit.

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  1. Value Aid Adhesive Wound Dressings
    Value Aid Adhesive Wound Dressings
    • Absorbent wound pad with breathable design & adhesive backing
    • Hypoallergenic adhesive minimises risk of allergic reactions
    • As Low As £4.45 Per Pack
  2. Value Aid Dressing Pads
    Value Aid Dressing Pads
    • Adhesive free, hypoallergenic pads for treating light wounds
    • Surface of sterile wrapped wound pad will not stick to wound area
    • As Low As £3.65 Per Pack
  3. Value Aid Sterile Dressings
    Value Aid Sterile Dressings
    • Highly absorbent wound pad provides protection against infection
    • Sterile wrapped dressings supplied in burst resistant packaging
    • As Low As £0.50 per Dressing
  4. Value Aid Eye Dressing
    Value Aid Eye Dressing
    • Absorbent wound pad protects the eye from infection
    • High stretch conforming bandage holds dressing in place
    • As Low As £0.60 Per Pack
  5. Mepore Self Adhesive Dressings
    Mepore Self Adhesive Dressings
    • Ideal for protecting body piercings, both easy to apply and skin friendly
    • Liquid repellent backing is air permeable to prevent skin maceration
    • As Low As £14.95 Per Pack
  6. Sterile Gauze Swabs
    Sterile Gauze Swabs
    • Perfect for use in paraffin wax treatments
    • Swabs are sold in packs of 100 swabs for extra economy
    • As Low As £8.65 Per Pack

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