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Biohazard & Body Fluid Disposal

A range of body fluid disposal products, to aid in dealing with body fluid spills. Reduce cross-contamination in your workplace with Body Fluid Disposal Kits or use Absorbent Powder to quickly tackle spills.

  1. Body Fluid Disposal Kits Body Fluid Disposal Kits
    • Ideal for safely containing and disposing of body fluid spills
    • Kits are supplied within durable plastic cases, refills available
    • As Low As £13.85 per Kit
  2. Super Absorbent Powder Super Absorbent Powder
    • Absorbs up to 300 times its own weight - 10g cleans most spills
    • An essential for the effective cleaning of body fluid spills
    • As Low As £2.65 per 3 Sachets
  3. Body Fluid Clean-Up Kits Body Fluid Clean-Up Kits
    • Fully compliant with current HSE standards
    • Provides containment and disposal in each application
    • As Low As £5.45 per kit
  4. Plastic Scoop & Scraper Plastic Scoop & Scraper
    • Ideal for cleaning up vomit prior to disposal
    • Sturdy plastic construction will not become soft during use
    • As Low As £0.65 each
  5. Bioguard Absorb Powders Bioguard Absorb Powders
    • Super absorbent powder that is anti bacterial
    • Designed to absorb body fluids and general spillages
    • As Low As £3.05 per pack
  6. GelMax Super Absorbent Pads GelMax Super Absorbent Pads
    • Pads are impregnated with a powder that turns liquids into a gel
    • One pad can absorb and congeal up to 450ml of fluid
    • As Low As £6.55 per pack
  7. GelMax Super Absorbent Sachets GelMax Super Absorbent Sachets
    • Ideal for cleaning up body fluid spills with minimal risk of cross infection
    • Odour neutralising powder is ideal for use on urine, vomit and faeces
    • As Low As £37.55 per pack
  8. Biohazard Body Fluid Absorbent Granules Biohazard Body Fluid Absorbent Granules
    • Granules absorb fluid turning it into a gel within minutes
    • Safely absorb body fluid spillages such as blood vomit and urine
    • As Low As £0.40 per pack
  9. Sharps Disposal Sharps Disposal
    • Safely dispose of sharp objects with our range of tough plastic bins
    • Complies with HTM07-01 : Safe Management of Healthcare Waste
    • As Low As £1.95 per bin

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