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COVID-Secure Workplaces

  1. Social Distancing
    Social Distancing
    • Space employees out as much as possible and adhere to social distancing on site
    • Protect staff, customers and visitors from further spread of Coronavirus
    • As Low As £0.30 each
  2. Install Dividers & Desk Screens
    Install Dividers & Desk Screens
    • Use dividers such as desk screens to create a physical barrier between staff
    • Screens can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant spray or wipe
    • As Low As £36.99 per screen
  3. Regular Hand Cleaning & Sanitising
    Regular Hand Cleaning & Sanitising
    • Issue hand gels to staff and position at the entrances to each room
    • Suitable for frequent use, and can be used in the workplace as well as at home
    • As Low As £0.95 each
  4. Use Disinfectant Wipes & Sprays
    Use Disinfectant Wipes & Sprays
    • Regularly disinfect shared surfaces with disinfectant wipes and sprays
    • Perfect for helping to maintain a COVID-Secure workplace
    • As Low As £1.50 each
  5. Avoid Hot Desking
    Avoid Hot Desking
    • Avoid hot desking or sharing equipment to protected against cross contamination
    • Remind of the importance of social distancing and reinforce official guidance
    • As Low As £0.30 each
  6. Protect Common Touch Points
    Protect Common Touch Points
    • Protect common touch points such as door handles and light switches with antimicrobial coverings
    • Help to minimise the spread of viruses and bacteria
    • As Low As £23.95 each
  7. Provide FFP Masks & Other PPE
    Provide FFP Masks & Other PPE
    • Issue FFP masks and other PPE to staff and visitors on site and ensure it is worn at all times
    • Protect your staff from all spills and hazardous materials in your workplace
    • As Low As £0.30 each
  8. Introduce Staff Testing
    Introduce Staff Testing
    • If you have a medical professional on site, conduct regular rapid testing
    • Home self-tests aid in the rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 infections
    • As Low As £0.30 each
  9. Display Signage & Posters
    Display Signage & Posters
    • Display signage or posters advising of all on site COVID-Secure protocols
    • To slow the spread and limit the impact of Coronavirus
    • As Low As £0.30 each
  10. Keep A Log Of Those On Site
    Keep A Log Of Those On Site
    • Keep a log of all staff and visitors on site to help contain any outbreaks
    • A temporary record of customers and visitors whilst remaining GDPR compliant
    • As Low As £2.73 each
  11. Take & Log Temperatures Everyday
    Take & Log Temperatures Everyday
    • Take and log temperatures everyday on entrance to premises using a non-contact thermometer
    • Perfect for home users, medical rooms and GPs to care homes and hospitals
    • As Low As £1.50 each
  12. Fogging And Room Disinfection
    Fogging And Room Disinfection
    • In the event of a positive case onsite, sanitise rooms with room disinfectants before staff return to it
    • Perfect for larger offices and workplaces
    • As Low As £7.65 each

Latest Data from HSE and Public Health England on COVID-Secure Workplaces

Keeping workplaces COVID-secure when working from home remains a significant challenge for organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The HSE received over 134,000 thousand COVID-19 related complaints in the last year, with 4,000 in January alone. This applies to all workplaces; however offices have been particularly badly affected. Public Health England data recently obtained by the BBC revealed there were more than 500 outbreaks, or suspected outbreaks, in offices in the second half of 2020 - more than in supermarkets, construction sites, warehouses, restaurants and cafes combined. More than 60 suspected COVID outbreaks in offices were recorded in the first two weeks of the current lockdown in England.

If it is not possible for workers to work from home, there are several things that businesses can do in order to remain COVID-Secure depending on their risk assessments. These include:

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